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tidal stream energy technology

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First full-scale deployment announced


Canadian company Black Rock Tidal Power Inc has been awarded a berth for a 2.5MW rated tidal device at the Nova Scotia FORCE tidal test site.

This will be the largest single tidal stream system so far in the world, and will feature 36 SCHOTTEL turbines mounted on a TidalStream Triton S36 semi-submersible platform.

Triton T36
Hon Andrew Younger

The Honourable Andrew Younger, Minister of Energy announced BRTP as the winner of a berth at the Nova Scotia Community College in Dartmouth on the 28th March.

The Triton T36 - this will be the first full scale version to be built by Black Rock Tidal Power and features 36 SCHOTTEL turbines producing an output of 2.5 MW form the single installation

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Triton is a tidal  energy platform system being developed by TidalStream Limited. It offers tidal turbine developers a more cost effective deployment and operation system for their turbines than can be provided by single installation systems.


The platform is adaptable and a range of turbine types can be accommodated, providing the installation and maintenance base that will reduce costs and enable safe operating conditions.


Explore this site to learn more about how Triton achieves this.

    The Triton platform


Triton T6 tidal current converter

Triton 6 (up to 10MW output in deep coastal sites) shown in the operating position in the foreground and maintenance position in the background.

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Cost reduction for tidal turbine developers* 
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Halving the cost of tidal energy