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Triton T3 - Medium Platform 3 - 5 MW

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The T3 platform has been developed to accommodate a single row of large turbines, typically the 1MW turbines currently being tested throughout the industry. The T3 has all the advantages of float-out installation and maintenance access, but the single turbine row allows the transition between operating and maintenance positions to be reduced to 30 degrees

The Triton 3 is suitable for deployment in 35 to 50m water depths

Example Triton 3 - 3MW

The image shows a typical Triton 3 system with three turbines, each with 20m diameter rotor and 1MW rating, located in 35m water depth.

Although the rotors are shown with two blades only, three-bladed rotors can also be accommodated with no increase in draft in the tow-out position.

T3 Operation and Maintenance

Triton with 1MW turbines - 3MW

1/10th scale three-rotor Triton 3 testing in the Thames.

The images show tow-out on the left and transition to operating position on the right.


Tow out

Awaiting tow-out


Deployed and being ballasted to transition to the operating position

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